Monday, June 7, 2010


I love this photo. What a beautiful exploration of time. How thin the line between dark and light-  yet what a difference between dining over candlelight, and strolling in the sun. Such a narrow band of space and time and shadow creates such a difference for us down below.

Time has been flying by. It seems so long ago that we first started carrying boxes into this place, yet bins and piles still litter the floor. It's been a very gradual process. There is still no art on the walls, but the books are in place, the dishwasher humming away. We sit, two laptops facing each other, such a microcosm of the modern world.

These are days I know we will look back on fondly. Sweaty and dusty from assembling furniture, scrambling to find that thing that's somewhere in that box. Sorting and stacking and eating dinner on the sofa because the table is buried in stuff. It is a time of building, and it is wonderful. I have much less time to myself, less time brooding in front of my computer, but so much more time with W. We laugh in the morning, sleep-eyed and stumbling around; our conversations in the evening are over steaming bowls of pasta instead of crackling phone lines.

We have a busy month ahead of us- later this week I fly to Vegas for a quick trip, then my folks are in town for a little fun, then we're off for a week in Northern CA with W's family. We'll be back in time to catch our breath before the holiday weekend, and suddenly the summer will be half over. I've always been one to look forward, excited for the next phase, and suddenly I've found myself happy with exactly where I am, anxious only to stop time and hold on to these moments.

photo via Audrey Hepburn Complex, taken by the crew of Columbia;