Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Slow Return

I've been absent here for awhile. At some point the events of the summer piled up and the backlog of photos became higher, and it all seemed so daunting. I took a break. To just take each crazy busy week as it came, without the analysis and exploration that this space allows and creates. Just to breathe and let it all be. I'm beginning to feel my way back. 

We've been submerged in weddings lately- those heady days of celebration that make you think about things like the length of a lifetime, and how fast it all flies by. The last two weekends we have celebrated the unions of good friends, each wedding a small reunion in itself. Then this afternoon another thick envelope came in the mail, and suddenly we are gearing up for another celebration. 

I've been thinking about time lately. How fast it goes. It's terrifying- that in the blink of an eye a decade will have slipped away. That a lifetime is so very short. Time is also so gratifying- I've been looking back on friendships that have spanned half my life or longer. Knowing that time creates a history that can't be erased, even if a friendship ends. There is a comforting permanence in that. 

As fall curls around us, I'm hoping to slow down and carve out a little more room for this space- I hope you'll join me.