Monday, November 9, 2009

Six Months

Today marks six months since W and I first met, and had lunch together. We went to Bartley's, which has the best burgers and shakes in Cambridge. The burgers are all named after different celebrities- I used to love the Tiger Woods- but they've since updated their menu, and now you can choose from the Barack Obama, the A-Rod, or the Tom Brady among others.

In the last six months W and I have traveled endless miles between Boston and New York, and spent countless hours on the phone. We've watched the Fourth of July fireworks from the Charles, road-tripped to Vermont, and gone apple picking in Ipswich. We've walked the Brooklyn Bridge, jogged through Prospect Park, and taken the ferry to Ikea. We've been to the Top of the Rock, and toured Seattle's Underground.

W supports me in endless ways, from his patience when I'm hungry and I can't think straight, to encouraging me to start Peanut Butter and Poetry. When I need to talk, I know he'll listen with patience, logic, and wisdom. We are still learning about each other, handing over little bits of ourselves. A favorite song, a scar from hitting that pothole over there, a story about that old friend I hope you'll get to meet.

The last six months have been a wonderful adventure, and I look forward to seeing what the future will bring. The photo below is from my birthday dinner at Palisade.