Friday, January 29, 2010

Gray Skies

I've been struggling to catch up with myself after landing in New York Monday night and then pushing through the work week on the fumes of my jetlag. Hopefully this weekend I'll finally be able to catch my breathe. W's bus broke down on the way to NYC tonight (oh Chinatown buses how we love to hate you!) so he'll be in pretty late. It's absolutely freezing here, so we'll be leaving the apartment as little as possible. After trying to work in quick phone calls across a 6 hour time difference, and ill fated attempts to chat on old cranky hotel computers, we're looking forward to some quiet time together.

Paris is a beautiful city in any weather. This trip it was full of dark gray skies and rain showers. There's something I always find alluring about dark lonely figures and thin grey skies. This shot of the Eiffel Tower is the only time it emerged from behind the fog while I was there.

Stay warm this weekend!


  1. Mon Dieu! Est-ce que tu as eu rellement le temps de visiter le louvre?

  2. No, not really, just the gift shop!