Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life. Stress.

I'm feeling disconnected and stressed. About losing my apartment (any day now for the last year), work, money, ongoing health problems. When I get stressed I tend to curl inward and isolate myself, which is not always the most effective remedy.  I find being outside helps- sitting by the ocean (especially at night), floating in the middle of a lake in the sunshine. The last time I really slept well was over the summer when I was in a tent with no cell phone service and no internet access. Mid-way through the week I was waking naturally with the sun and feeling rested. The pace of life in NYC plus the frigid temperatures just aren't helping me de-stress. What do you do to brighten yourself up when life seems unclear and uncertain?

photo from HephzibahPhotography

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  1. oh no Cynth! I totally know what you're feeling. My solution is to take a walk, or escape to Ct. I find quality time with mom, dad and dogs and fresh air helps put me back on center. And you know... there is no cell phones or internet up there. xoxoo