Wednesday, February 24, 2010


All of my favorite pieces of jewelry have stories behind them, such as who gave it to me, or where I was when I bought it. They each hold little bits of memory. The 50s vintage charm on a chain my mother gave me with "Happy Sixteenth" engraved on the back.  The necklace I bargained for in dusty Morroco market. The ring I bought after a big fight with my boyfriend.

I love jewelry with history- how about creating that history? You can actually make your own wedding rings right here in lower Manhattan. As in, using fire, hammers, and a whole lot of elbow grease. I can see all that sanding and polishing being very frustrating- but in the end what could be more symbolic than literally putting your own sweat (and in my case, probably tears) into your partner's wedding ring? I think a handmade ring would be a perfect expression of your own unique imperfections, plus you'll have all the memories of the 8 plus hours you spent making them together! It'll be awhile before you find me swearing over a chunk of metal that is supposed to resemble a ring, but I'm filing this one away!  Check out the details of one couples journey here.

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