Monday, May 3, 2010

Puppy Dog Eyes

Something about this photo grabbed me. The colorful pop of the aqua shoes. The tilt of the dog's head, the attentive, inquisitive stare.

Things have been a bit of a blur lately. I've had trouble sleeping in the new apartment with the noise of the construction across the street. The weekend was spent with another series of shopping trips to buy apt things- from lights to various organizing bins and drawers and systems. The list seems endless, and while we always come home with full bags, it seems to make only a small dent in the overall effect. We do have a coffee table now, though we aren't sure if we're keeping it...

It will be another short week for me, as my parents are coming into town on Wednesday, and then Thursday night I'm heading up to Boston. Do you have any fun plans for this week?

photo via the Sartorialist

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