Friday, November 20, 2009

Feeling Orange...

I'm already missing warm weather and flip flops- when shorter days, gray skies, and the winter sniffles get me down, a little dose of bright orange always helps to cheer me up. Here are a few things spotted around the web this week that made me smile.

This is the Leica M7 Hermes edition. Only 200 will be made in orange.
What a showstopper. Sigh. Details here, via Whorange.

Sunshine on my shoulders Makes Me Happy. Soo true. And on my nose. So it feels tight when you wrinkle it up like a bunny rabbit. Oh Summer.
From Olympia Community Print.

This rabbit is made of carrots. A lot of carrots. He is such a serious looking rabbit, doesn't he make you giggle a little bit? It's an ad by Gavin Martin Associates showcasing their new vegetable inks. By Magpie Studio, details here. via Swiss Miss.

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