Friday, December 4, 2009


These silhouette cookies are from Polka Dot Cookies, via Not Cot. I love the little details, so often I think silhouettes result in creepy looking people blobs, but these look all dressed up for afternoon tea!

I've had cookies on the brain lately. Two weeks ago I made these Pumpkin Cookies, and they were phenomenal. Last weekend we tried to make Chocolate Chip Cookies just off the back of the Nestle chip packet, and they were a disappointment. I think partially the oven was to blame- we had it set to convection, and perhaps the temperature wasn't accurate. They were thin. The batter was too sugary.

This weekend I'm trying a Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe I had stashed away. It's typed up and printed out, but I can't remember who gave it to me. The secret ingredient? Vanilla Pudding Mix. I have high hopes. I'm planning to make them Sunday night so I can take them into work before I eat too many. The uncooked batter is always the best part! I could just eat handfuls of chocolate chips right out of the bag. So delicious.

In my web wanderings I stumbled on this recipe for World Peace Cookies (pictured above), adapted from a French recipe for "classic sablé" cookies. I have no idea what that means, but when someone starts describing the lineage of a recipe I'm going to assume they are an expert. They just look too good to pass up (and they're chocolate!!) so they are definitely next on the list. Although I'll have to figure out where one gets "fleur de sel". How exotic.

These cookies fit on the edge of a cup- perfect for dipping in hot cocoa, or having a gingerbread cookie with hot cider! Found on Kitchen Critic, available in the UK at

These stained glass cookies would be a perfect hostess gift for the holidays. From Kitchn, with recipe details from Gourmet. They are gorgeous, but I wonder how good they actually taste. It seems from some of the comments on the recipe that these may be a bit tricky. I'm sure finding just the right candies to melt in the center makes a big difference. I wonder if a clear jam inside would work just as well and be a lot easier to spread evenly. Though I suppose that limits your colors a bit. I will tackle these last, as they seem rather advanced!

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