Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I've been rather grumpy this week- after 6 days of hanging with W, my empy apartment just feels, well, empty. Harrumph. Tonight I'm cleaning out the fridge and settling into a salad of wilted lettuce, dried out green pepper, and mushrooms that almost molded while I was away. No more chocolate and wine by the fire for me. I'm looking forward to a little girl time tomorrow evening. So let's talk vampires!

Tom Cruise as a vampire? I wasn't convinced. Buffy? She was ok, but I was never hooked. TruBlood? I watched one season on DVD- W referred to it as my "vampire porn". We just watched From Dusk till Dawn last weekend, and it was terrible. Selma Hayak as a satanic temptress of a vampire? Uhh, maybe not. But Twilight? I read them all. And I've been waiting for the second movie. Ok, so the writing is terrible, and the plot just gets more ridiculous as the books go on. And the first movie was worse than the book. But they are such an easy, guilty pleasure. All that drama and yearning. Tomorrow I'm off to see New Moon with two girlfriends- so, are you in? Team Edward or Team Jacob? I'm leaning towards Team Jacob, he's a bit of an underdog, and pale skinny boys have never been my type...

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  1. um, jealous!! I loved to hate the first movie. How can something be so bad and so good at the same time?! I'll expect a review from you...

  2. I totally agree with you on this one---cheesy though they may be, I adored the first Twilight book. I tried not to get sucked in, but once I read the first few silly pages I couldn't put it down! Sadly I fell asleep during the movie (it was really late...), but I'm looking forward to seeing the second. Perhaps this weekend now that the crowds have died out.
    XXX Kate

  3. Yes, we too have been waiting for the tween hoards to pass- I'll let you know whether it's worth the wait! (W votes for Team Bella as an option, but frankly, I'm not sure she deserves it... )