Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Vampire Verdict... and Reel Clocks

New Moon was great- I loved it! It was much better than Twilight. The special effects (and even just the make up) were better. It was cheesy in all the right places- I laughed and squirmed and giggled. Ok, so there were no Oscar winning performances (my money is on Meryl Streep for her role as Julia Child, you saw that one right?), it was just pure fluff fun. Delicious girl movie, giggling, shrieking fun.

I'm squarely on Team Jacob- he's buff and sweet and yes, there actually are scenes where he has his shirt on. Edward is cool, robotic and cold, and just too aloof, pale, and skinny for my taste. Bella is just so awkward and angsty- she's as annoying as she was in the books. Jasper is downright creepy, Alice is just perfect- cute and sweet, and Dakota Fanning even makes an appearance as Jane. I can't wait to see more of her!

The scenes where Edward and Bella kiss are hilarious. The tension, the resistance. They're practically contorted with the agony of their desire. And since kissing is all we get, they treat each kiss like a full on sex scene- cameras swirling around them, cuts to different angles. Perfect.

It was definitely worth seeing, and now I'm looking forward to the next one! (June 30th by the way, the poster is already up in the theatre lobby.) Does anyone remember what the deal is with Bella's ring? Was that a plot point in the first movie? I just may have to rent it again, the details are hazy...

Oh, and the ending. So cheesy, so perfectly, awfully Twilight. Sigh. The masses of tweens have dissapated, you have no excuse, go see it!

While we're talking about cinema, (yes, I know, roll your eyes at me) check out these film reel clocks. They are each handmade from vintage 16mm reels, and are available on etsy here. Perfect for the studio or office of your favorite movie buff.

(found via Design Milk)

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