Friday, March 26, 2010

Just Keep Mov'n...

I've got apartments on the brain. Realtors and craigslist and kitchens and bathrooms and neighborhoods. My current apartment has been on the market for 15 months now, and this week I got the notice that it has been sold, and therefore I must be out by May 1st. I've been in Park Slope for almost five years now, but it seems to have only gotten more expensive, and prices in Manhattan have dropped. So I' m thinking of cheating on my beloved Brooklyn, and moving onto the island. Crazy, right?

I hate the stress of real estate in New York City. It's all rush rush and "available immediately", and "I can show it to you tomorrow if it's still here". It's quick decisions and "can I live without counterspace in the kitchen, or windows here and not there?" "Is this or that neighborhood really where I want to be?"

This is all confounded by the fact that W hasn't heard from grad schools so I'm trying to find a place that I can afford on my own, but that has enough space for us to share if he indeed ends up here. Stress. This weekend will be all about real estate, with appointments already to see upwards of a dozen places. Hopefully something wonderful and new will come of all of this.

Wish us luck!

photo by Alex Varanese via Lost Bird Found


  1. Good Luck Sweetheart!

  2. Everything is going slowly. I wouldn't rush it. W will hear form schools by April 15th and that is plenty of time to find an apt to move in by May 1st. if you sign anything, what will you do if you get an apt in nyc and he moves to Washington? right? thats a dilemma

  3. Oh man. What a stressful situation. When is the earliest he can here?

  4. I sympathize with you! Our landlord is putting our place on the market, so we're running in both directions - should we buy, should we rent, will they take dogs? Sigh.