Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Quiet

Sorry for the silence this past week- I've been rushing around trying to see as many apartments as possible while keeping up with craigslist and a slew of realtors. But, after a week of frenzy, I have signed a lease for a new place! I'll be leaving Park Slope behind, and moving into a one bedroom in Hell's Kitchen with a loft space, a super nice kitchen (with full fridge! whoo hoo!) Yes, I'm mov'n up in the world. The gazillions of checks have been written, the papers signed, the move date scheduled.

It all happened rather fast, and involved my trying to send a photo on my cell phone (grainy, dark semi-image, I do not have a phone that is equiped for actual picture taking), and discuss pros and cons with W while traipsing down the street after a realtor walking serveral thousand feet per second across midtown traffic. I believe he thought the faster he got me to the office the more likely I would be to sign the papers and hand over the cash. In the meantime W was firing off question like "are those beams structural or decorative" and "can we move the stairs?" To which I of course had no answers.

When it was all over we realized something: We don't have to look at apartments this weekend! Which was a fantastic and joyous realization. So Easter, which had previously been rescheduled due to the Giant Sudden and Stressfull Apartment Search of 2010 was reinstated. I'm heading up to Boston tomorrow after work with a little package from my hometown Easter Bunny, and we're planning a nice relaxing meal at home. I have a long list of things to get done-  stuff to clean out and cull before packing, and of course, an entire apartment to pack. But the worst is behind us, and now that we have a beautiful new place to look forward to, we can start planning and organizing. I already found a CSA for the area, and I'm sure W has been on several furniture sites already today...

photo by Pink Bow


  1. Those were mostly lighting sites! Okay, there was furniture looking as well... Damn.

  2. Oh, CSA = Community Supported Agriculture, where you pay into a farmer's harvest upfront and pick up a box of organic, local, in-season veggies every week. This is huge in NYC, where good veggies are expensive in grocery stores.

  3. Oh I love that he was wondering if the beams were structural in a LEASED apartment! You are so good for him. Send pictures of the new place (and did you ever get the ones from VT that I sent to W?)

  4. Christina- yes, I saw them, but I'll have to remind him to actually give them to me. (Yes, I still PRINT photos!) I'll email you pics of the new place. I have this fear that each day it's growing in size in my head so when I actually get through the door my expectations will be way out of line. Gulp.