Saturday, November 14, 2009


My family likes to celebrate Thanksgiving a few weeks earlier than most Americans. It has become a bit of a tradition-we avoid the holiday traffic, and generally avoid snowstorms. So today there will be thirteen of us dressing up, giving thanks, and digging into turkey, mashed potatoes, and biscuits. There will also be sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and tomato aspic. Tomato aspic, if you are unfamiliar, involves tomato juice, Jell-o, and little veggie bits set in a mold and dressed with blue cheese, watercress, and hearts of palm. I'm not a fan, but my mother and aunts adore it.

Doesn't this dress put you in the mood for holiday parties? I imagine effortlessly throwing my hair into a bouffant and sashaying slowly around a ballroom, martini glass in hand.

This print is by Yasmine Surovec, and is available from The Working Proof, with a percentage of profits going to the Kids In Need Foundation.

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