Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pillowcases... tempted....

I'm completely absurdly tempted to buy these pillowcases. Wouldn't the two orange ones look fabulous together? I have a fascination with orange. My apartment has two aqua/Caribbean blue walls, and lots of orange and silver accents. These would just brighten up the bed... but at $40 a piece it's tough to justify. My duvet right now is a green and white pattern but Licia (my cat) has put a claw hole or two in it. We play vicious games of catch the fishing pole on the bed. She does flips and flops and occasionally goes careening off the edge. She's gets so embarrassed. It's fantastic.

They are from Castle. They also have sheets to match, where only the top edge has the pattern, so you don't go blind from orange overload. Love. But resisting... re-sist-ing... gasp. (via Cup of Jo)

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